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The Pomona Valley Transportation Authority (PVTA) is the community transit provider for the Pomona Valley. PVTA is a voluntary agreement of the four cities of Claremont, LaVerne, Pomona and San Dimas. PVTA operates specialized transportation services which allow riders to travel throughout the four cities. The cities are the primary source of revenue using their Proposition A local sales tax funds.

Each city determines the services they will participate in and the level of service to be provided. PVTA is governed by a Board of Directors made up of two representatives of each city. Currently, PVTA operates three services. Get About is a dial-a-ride service for seniors and disabled persons that serves all four Pomona Valley cities. The Claremont Dial-a-Ride is transportation for general public within Claremont. The San Dimas Dial-a-Cab provides general public dial-a-ride services for that city. For more information about the Pomona Valley Transportation Authority or its services, please call (909) 596-7664.